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Balinese wood carving or bali wood carving

Wood carving is a form of woodworking by means of a cutting tool (knife) in one hand or a chisel by two hands or with one hand on a chisel and one hand on a mallet, resulting in a wooden figure or figurine, or in the sculptural ornamentation of a wooden object.

Wood carving has been around for many thousands of years yet few examples of these ancient pieces remain due to the effects of time. Over time weathering, fungus and insect attack eats away at the wood degrading any carving work or can completely destroy it.

The history of wood carving has from the remotest ages the decoration of wood as a foremost art. The North American Indian carves his wooden fish-hook or his pipe stem just as the Polynesian works patterns on his paddle. The native of Guyana decorates his cavassa grater with a well-conceived scheme of incised scrolls, while the native of Loango Bay distorts his spoon with a design of perhaps figures standing up in full relief carrying a hammock.

Indonesian wood carving

Three-dimensional wooden carving from Indonesia is world-famous for incredible clarity, great proportions, and superior quality. Though entire Indonesia preserves the age-old culture and tradition of carving beautiful images, graphics, and designs on wood; Bali and Central Java are considered paramount of it. Every part of Bali has a peculiar style of carving. Different ethnic groups use different motifs and images to depict nature, human beings, evil and good spirits. Weapons and poles are prominent designs in some traditions whereas some use human figures sparingly. Bright colors and whimsically abstract patterns are quite common in Bali. Right from primitive carvings to three-dimensional sculptures and from household stuff to furniture; everything is just superb. Carved goods are immensely popular among tourists of different countries.

Balinese wood carving or bali wood carving

Bali Carving was built from long term experience in the production of Balinese stone carving and wood sculpture like statue, wall decoration, wall relief, water fountain, Balinese furniture etc.

Indonesian woodcraft and carved furniture were typical household items till nineties. There was nothing special about it. Tourists used to buy a few items as souvenirs or memories of Indonesia. However, there was a great change happened in the ninth decade when it made an impactful presence in the global market. With the popularity of the Internet and easy availability and accessibility, Indonesia became the second largest exporter of wooden furniture and handicraft after China. Surely, it is a matter of pride and a remarkable achievement for the country.

As new showrooms are getting opened in and outside Indonesia, the ancient art of Indonesia gets further acclaim. It is a new opportunity of becoming a global brand for a traditional industry. Though there is a great threat from other countries with inferior quality cheap products manufactured at low cost. Nevertheless, when people compare product quality and workmanship, then Indonesian artwork, furniture, and utility items shine differently.

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Other than furniture and household stuff, artistic carving has a great impact in the culture of Indonesia. Figures and symbols carved in wood were very special in the earlier days. They carried special meanings, and the finest of Indonesian carving was superbly magical and magnetic.

Indonesians believe that the wooden carving have special spiritual powers if they are carved by people with a high level of spiritual abilities. The qualities of the person get reflected in his creation. The roots of this magnificent art are thousands of years old. Experts say that they are related to the ancient Toba clan of ancient Sumatra who used to carve human and animal figures (interwoven beautifully) with specific divine powers.

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Types Of Wood Carving Techniques

Below is four of the main wood carving styles. It’s good to determine which style best fits your abilities, and your desired product, before purchasing materials and supplies.

Whittling One of the oldest forms of wood carving, whittling is distinct for its sharp, textured cuts that leave knife “strokes.” The sculptures made with whittling are often very angular. Whittling is done using a whittling or a carving knife. Whittling may refer either to the art of carving shapes out of raw wood using a knife or a time-occupying, non-artistic process of repeatedly shaving slivers from a piece of wood.

Relief Carving Unlike carving full sculptures out of wood, relief carving is the process of carving figures into wood. You start out with a flat panel of wood, and carve figures into it, leaving the back flat. Relief carving as a type of wood carving in which figures are carved in a flat panel of wood. The figures project only slightly from the background rather than standing freely. Depending on the degree of projection, reliefs may also be classified as high or medium relief.

Relief carving can be described as “carving pictures in wood”. The process of relief carving involves removing wood from a flat wood panel in such a way that an object appears to rise out of the wood. Relief carving begins with a design idea, usually put to paper in the form of a master pattern which is then transferred to the wood surface. Most relief carving is done with hand tools – chisels and gouges – which often require a mallet to drive them through the wood.

Carving in the Round This is like the clay sculpturing of wood cutting. Objects are smooth, angles are rounded – hence the name – and all sides are carved, unlike relief carvings.

Chip Carving Chip carving involves using a knife, chisel, and a hammer. The process is exactly as the name suggests: chipping away at a piece of wood. This can be used to create intricate patterns in wooden plates and boards. Chip carving is a style of carving in which knives or chisels are used to remove small chips of the material from a flat surface in a single piece.

Types of Wood Carving Tools

wood carving tools

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Make sure you have the proper one to fit the technique you want to use.

the carving knife: a specialized knife used to pare, cut, and smooth wood. The most basic wood carving tool. Chip carving knives consist of a blade that is about an inch and a half long, with a long handle designed for comfort, so it doesn’t hurt your hand.

the gouge : a tool with a curved cutting edge used in a variety of forms and sizes for carving hollows, rounds and sweeping curves. Gouges are curved carving tools that can scoop out large or small areas of wood, depending on how wide their sweep is. U-gouges, V-gouges, and spoon gouges… there are plenty of different types that can be used for carving, shaping, and smoothing surfaces.

the coping saw : a small saw that is used to cut off chunks of wood at once.

the chisel : large and small, whose straight cutting edge is used for lines and cleaning up flat surfaces. Chisels are sharp tools used with mallets for wood chipping techniques.

the V-tool : used for parting, and in certain classes of flat work for emphasizing lines.

the veiner : a specialized deep gouge with a U-shaped cutting edge.

sharpening equipment, such as various stones and a strop: necessary for maintaining edges.

A special screw for fixing work to the workbench, and a wood carving mallet, complete the carvers kit, though other tools, both specialized and adapted, are often used, such as a router for bringing grounds to a uniform level, bent gouges and bent chisels for cutting hollows too deep for the ordinary tool.

Wood carving machines.

Using wood carving machine such as chainsaw wood carving is one of the best solution for you to make your work more easy and faster.

Types Of Wood – Wood For Wood Carving

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Butternut and basswood are softer types of wood that are easier for beginners to carve.

Basswood: Easy to carve, with a fine grain. Light and cream colored. Best for whittling.

Butternut: Easy to carve, with a coarse grain. Light brown colored with a distinct wood pattern.

White Pine:Easy to carve, with a medium grain. Soft and cream colored.

Mahogany: Intermediate difficulty to carve, with a medium grain. Distinct reddish color.

Black Walnut: Hard to carve, with a medium grain. Very dark brown.

Cherry: Very hard to carve, with a fine grain. Pinkish brown with a wavy pattern.

Sugar Maple: Very hard to carve, with a fine grain. Very light cream color.

White Oak: Very hard to carve, with a medium to coarse grain. Very light, yellowish color.

Teak: Very hard to carve, it is the best wood for carving.

How to do wood carving

Wood carving is a fun, accessible, and creative craft that doesn’t require a fancy studio, or equipment. All you need is a piece of wood and something sharp to carve it with. Of course, what kind of wood and what kind of carving tools you pick will affect the difficulty, safety, and result of your wood carving endeavors.

Wood carving hobby

Woodcarving is a hobby that can be both fun and relaxing, and here is a great way to get started with just a few tips and techniques using your utility knife as a woodcarving tool.

Wood carving for beginners

Beginning Wood Carving involve learning both the right technique and using the correct tools.  Learning how to carve wood involves various techniques and tools to turn the original raw piece into a finished carved object.  This  involves traditional carving tools such as:  chisels, knifes, gouges,  hammers, along with sanding, painting, or other methods to finished your project.   A wood carver will be able to adapt a number of basic wood carving techniques and skills to finish a project from beginning to end.


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Balinese wood carving or bali wood carving

carving on wood

A free woodcarving pattern is the way to get started on your carving project. you can find some on

http://www.craftsmanspace. com or http://www.carvingpatterns.com

Wood carving basics

Wood Carving Tips Or How To Carve Wood

wood carving plans or how to do wood carving

  • Learn how to handle a wood carving knife. Whether you’re using an x-acto knife from the garage, or you went out and purchased a fancy wood carving knife from the supply store, you need to know how to properly handle the tool before starting to dig into a piece of wood. Remember, these are sharp objects you’re working with, so you need to be careful. If you’re clumsy or unsure of yourself starting out, it’s a good idea to wear a carving glove. Wear the glove on the hand you’re holding the piece of wood with, not the hand that you’re using the knife with. Most importantly, make sure to use your wrist, and not your elbow, to control the knife. This will allow for more control over precise carvings. Also keep your knife sharp, not dull, to make carving easier.
  • Cut along the grain. Before you start carving, you want to determine which direction the grain of the wood is running. You can do this by carving a piece of wood out of a corner, curving out to finish the cut so the wood doesn’t rip at the end. Take note of the long, dark streaks running through the wood.

wood carving stencils

  • Sketch out your wood cuts. Don’t rush your wood carvings. Any mistake you make is potentially permanent. You’ll have to change up your plan to integrate the mistake into the finished product, and that could sacrifice your original vision. To avoid this, it helps to lightly sketch out your cuts and carvings with a pencil. Draw out lines to cut along, and shapes to carve out. It will help you be more precise, and prevent un-fixable mistakes.


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Balinese wood carving or bali wood carving

Wood carving ideas

If you are interest in carving in the round simple animals figures is a good way to start. With a simple animal figure you can learn will still producing a passable animal carving. Simple skill learned earn will be use later in more intricate carvings.

Custom wood carving or custom wood carvings

wood carving magazine, wood carving pdf or wood carving books– you can find them on our website or leave us a message if you want a special design.

Wood carving projects

This gigantic 12-meter long sculpture, based on the popular scroll painting of “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”, which depicts the everyday life of the Chinese people in the 11th century is an amazing work of art by Zheng Chunhui. A record-holder, this is the world’s longest wooden carving, which features old buildings, bridges, boats and over 500 miniature people. It also took 4 years to finish.

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Balinese wood carving or bali wood carving


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wood carved animals : dragon ball statue for wall art

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Balinese wood carving or bali wood carving

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We offer our customers for a wide variety of wall carvings ranging from religious wall carvings, historical wall art carvings, Hinduism and Buddhism wood wall carving and animal and nature wood wall carving.  We use the highest quality materials and guarantee your satisfaction. Most of our wooden wall carvings are very rare and unique, so you can not find them in other places.

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