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Handicrafts online, wood craft for home decor. Handicrafts can range from wooden sculptures and masks, toys, leather products, as well as metalwork. It is usually for decorative purposes or for making useful objects by hand or with simple tools. Handicraft is a type of craft where people make things using only their hands or basic tools. The items are usually decorative and have a particular use. Usually the term refers to traditional methods of making things. The items often have cultural or religious value.

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It is a traditional main sector of craft, and applies to a wide range of creative and design activities that are related to making things with one’s hands and skill, including work with textiles, moldable and rigid materials, paper, plant fibers, etc. Usually the term is applied to traditional techniques of creating items (whether for personal use or as products) that are both practical and aesthetic. While very similar to basic arts and crafts, there is one key difference with handicrafts. The items produced as a result of the efforts are designed for a specific function or use as well as being ornamental in nature. Handicrafts involve the creation of a wide range of objects, including clothing, religious symbols and jewelry, and different types of paper crafts.

Many handicrafters use natural, even entirely indigenous, materials while others may prefer modern, non-traditional materials, and even upcycle industrial materials. The individual artisanship of a handicrafted item is the paramount criterion; those made by mass production or machines are not handicraft goods.

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What are the indigenous materials for handicraft making?

Handicraft items:

Bamboo, rattan, buri, anahaw, tambo, wood, shells, capiz, jusi, pinya cloth, seeds, leaves, abaca, coconut shell ect.

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Tools used in handicraft making?

mallet -has a large wooden head.

pencil – used for drawing marking and also drawing.

hammer- used for driving nails.

paintbrush – used for painting.

Craft Knife – The craft knife is an essential tool for many projects, from the scrapbook to model planes or dollhouse furniture. Knives must be razor sharp with some craft knives using razor blades. Some craft knives have sharp, pointy tips. Others have disposable tips, where the user breaks off part of the blade when it dulls.

Glue Gun – Hot glue guns are electronic, handheld devices that somewhat resemble the shape of a gun. Hard, waxlike glue sticks feed into one end of the gun. When the gun melts one end of the glue stick, the user pulls the trigger and releases hot glue from the glue gun’s nozzle. Use glue guns to quickly affix embellishments to your projects, such as attaching dried flowers or buttons to a straw hat. Because the glue is sizzling hot, handle with care to avoid burns.

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 Woodburning Tool – Handheld woodburning tools are electric instruments that heat up. After the tip of the burner heats up, press it against leather or wood to burn in a design. Instead of drawing on the wood or leather, the user burns a design into the surface.

 Scissors – While a pair of scissors is a standard handicraft tool, not all scissors cut in the same fashion. For the crafter working on scrapbooks, greeting cards or other paper crafts, scissors with non-straight blades make cuts to create zig-zag or scalloped cut lines. The handcrafter working on quilts typically uses a sturdier pair of scissors than a person working in paper crafts.

Cutting Tools – While the crafter might use scissors or craft knifes to cut materials, other cutting tools perform specific cutting functions. The circle cutter cuts a circle shape from paper, often used by the scrapbook enthusiast. Rotary cutters cut by a circular blade, making it easier to cut a non-straight line. When using a rotary cutter, cut on a protective mat designed for the tool. Instead of cutting lines or circles, use punches to cut shapes from paper. Instead of cutting out the shape by moving the scissors around the outline of the shape, the punch stamps the paper and cuts the shape instantly.

Miter Box – Miter boxes are used in wood projects, such as when making dollhouse or regular furniture. This means they come in different sizes, from the mini craft saw and miter box, to the carpenter’s miter box. A miter box allows the user to easily cut square corners and achieve a clean edge.

Drill – A drill with an assortment of drill bits is used for drilling holes in wood, porcelain, concrete, metal and masonry. Selecting the right size bit and type of bit for the job is important. A wood bit, for example, won’t do a good job drilling through metal. Drills are used for making furniture, wooden crafts and jewelry.

Screwdriver – Power screwdrivers make screwing in screws a snap. Battery-operated screwdrivers are lighter weight than electrical ones and don’t need to be near an electric outlet to use, which makes them more useful for outdoor projects. Electrical ones don’t run out of power in the middle of a project as some battery-operated screwdrivers are prone to do.

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Handicraft Products:

Decorative items seem to make up a large part of the handicraft industry, probably because products that are considered necessities are well-supplied by mass-market production.

Even sewing a hem onto terrycloth sections that are cut to size and creating kitchen towels would be considered a handicraft activity. Since the idea behind handicrafts is that any item produced must be useful as well as decorative, the implication is that they can also be cleaned with relative ease.

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Handicraft products of India:

Indian handicrafts history

Handicrafts of India are varied and have a rich history that spans decades. Wood crafts of India are diverse, rich in history and religion. The craft of each state in India reflect the influence of different empires. Throughout centuries, crafts have been embedded as a culture and tradition within rural communities.

The indian craft house was born from an ardent desire amongst its founder to create a larger canvas than what exists today, for all the beautiful and unparalleled creativity that the simple artisans of India have been quietly perfecting for centuries.

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Key facts of indian handicrafts industry

  • India’s rich cultural diversity and heritage provides a unique and huge resource for developing craft products.
  • Handicrafts industry is one of the important segment of decentralized sector in India.
  • Provides huge employment opportunities to artisans that include women and people belonging to backward and weaker society (6 million artisans).
  • India’s contribution in world market is 1.2%

Indian handicrafts list:

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