We offer our customers for a wide variety of unique decorative wall carvings, one of the products is made from metal specially brass. Why we make a metal carving from brass, because brass is anti-rust, can last decades and has high artistic value, moreover its color resembles gold. For any maintenance, it is easy to clean up only with a dust cloth.

Carving on a wooden rod or stone is commonly done by sculptors, but if we carved on metal specially brass, it will become a great artistic carving product. It is difficult work especially for calligraphy, not every sculptor can create this product, it is needed a high level of craftsmanship and elaborate with highly dedicated of a sculptor.

Brass wall  art decor or brass wall hangings original from Indonesia 100 % handmade :

brassware & brass handicrafts

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indian brass handicrafts

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creative brass handicrafts
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metal wall art decor
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metal star wall decor
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For more information about our brass wall decor or if you have any special requests of our wooden products, please feel free to drop us a message, we will reply as soon as possible.